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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions and we hope this list of Frequently asked questions can help. If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to call one of our sales representatives or contact us by using the contact page.

Can my Patients/ Clients make appointments through my website?
Yes, they can make appointment online through your website. Linking your website to ClinicsConnect is as simple as attaching a button on your website.

I do not have a website, can my patients still make online appointments?
Yes, they can make appointment online through our directory portal. We can also give you a FREE website. Yes, you heard it right, absolutely FREE, no charge at all.

Is your portal live, real time?
Yes. Data entered by you or us is instantly available to all concerned parties.

Who owns the data?
You do, always. We work for you.

How safe is my Patient data?
ClinicsConnect uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt all data sent between a user's browser and the server. This is a very secure way to send and receive private information. Credit card transactions are secured in this way. When you see https:// in the URL, you know the browser is encrypting your data. Your data is stored in your own private area, separate from other subscribers' data

Can I control the types of Appointments offered Online?
Yes, you have complete control over the clinic, type of appointments, providers, duration, visibility to new patients etc. used for each online appointment

How can ClinicsConnect save my/ my clinic time?
ClinicsConnect can save your office time and create efficiencies in ways the traditional phone only based appointment scheduling process cannot. Our studies show that a typical clinic appointment consumes an average 7-8 minutes of front desk staff time from the initial phone call to confirmation. ClinicsConnect can reduce this time to nearly zero or 50% for various types of appointments with its fully integrated and automated features for appointment booking and confirmations.

Patients....ClinicsConnect allows patients to completely book and confirm appointments on their own, freeing your staff to focus on other high value activities. ClinicsConnect allows patients to interact with your schedule via a web browser/ smart phone to find an appointment date/time on their own, without the need to call your office to see what is available for them. With fully automatic email, phone, and text message base confirmations, you'll find your confirmation rates up, while the time you spend confirming appointments dramatically reduced. When a patient confirms an appointment using ClinicsConnect, your front office schedule is automatically updated with the confirmation status.

Clinic Staff/ Service Provider...ClinicsConnect provides your Front office staff with a specialized dashboard for processing appointments and administering other activities. Aggregating activities in this way can create efficiencies not possible with phone based appointments.

No Manual Communications.....Never an email to send...ClinicsConnect handles all patient communication activities automatically. Any frontdesk action requiring patient communication triggers ClinicsConnect to automatically generate and send a custom email, text and/ or Voice detailing the action.

Can I customize look and communication?

Can ClinicsConnect work with my current clininc management system?
Yes. ClinicsConnect is specifically designed to work standalone as well as with third party systems. Please let us know the system you are using and we will integrate it for you.

Who controls the appointment instructions?
You do, always. We also provide extensive educational information to help you/ your staff make and manage appointments as easy as possible.

Do you ever share sensitive information?
No. You decide who, if anyone, you want to see details like contact name, phone numbers, etc.

What happens if there is a temporary change like doctor unavailable, payment machine not working?
We have a feature called "Temporary Alert." This feature allows to temporarily modify the appointment instructions. It is used for a wide variety of reasons like service provider being ill, etc.

What type of help do you provide?

    Staffed Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. Other times – emergency response only.

    Staffed Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. This division is responsible to conduct consistent random surveys of our membership. They conduct monitoring of our staff and they will address each and every idea or concern you may have.

    Always available and kept up-to-date. Our online help is unique too! We realize that agents want and need quick ‘how to’ answers. We understand that their focus needs to be working with patients – not becoming a computer guru! When a repersentative clicks the topic they need help with, they simply sit back and watch a Video Tutorial! These tutorials are easy to understand and each lasts an average of only 45 seconds!

Reporting Capabilities

Our service offers you the most complete reports. Each report is custom tailored to give you the most complete information on how you/ your clinic is performing. Every ClinicsConnect service offers the following reports.

Feedback Solicitation and Reporting
You may choose to use our FREE optional feedback service. By default, our software sends an e-mail to the patient one hour after the appointment time. Our software will send another e-mail the next day and a final one the third day. Second and third attempts for feedback stop if the feedback is received.

The Clinic can specify that our software should make between zero and seven attempts to get feedback. When the feedback is received, the clinic receives an immediate e-mail notification that contains the feedback received while the feedback is simultaneously written to the clinic record. This allows for great reporting on all feedback received!

Do you ask specific questions?
We ask three questions:

  1. Do you believe the Service was:
    Excellent   Good   Poor   None Given
  2. How did the Clinic show like cleanliness etc.?
    Excellent   Good   Fair   Poor   None Given
  3. Would you recommend this clinic services to others?
    Yes   No   None Given

The patients/ clients may also leave detailed and extensive comments as well. There is also a separate comment box that the clinics can utilize to enter their comments.

How is feedback data displayed?
We display the actual answers to the Clinics. We also use charts, which summarize the answers in total and are a great visual for sharing this data with the management if required.

Full Appointment History
View all appointment history for your clinic or any service provider at a click of a button.

Clinic Alerts
At a click of a button you can notify patients/ clients of changes to your clinics or appointments. This would be a great way to notify interested parties of instruction changes, new service providers, property enhancements, specials, open houses, etc. These alerts can go out with the photo of the clinic or service provider and come from YOUR return e-mail address!

Digital Rolodex*
Provides all contact information for every patient that has made online appointment at the click of a button.

Service Provider/ Doctor Reports
At the Clinic’s discretion, a weekly report can be provided to the service Provider/ Doctor! This report will go out the day of your choice and will include all appointment history, feedback and even marketing activity or tasks you have completed during the past week!

Temporary Alerts This feature enables Clinics/ Service providers to temporarily alter the appointment information for a brief period of time for any Clinic and/ or Service Provider. A listing can be modified for a variety of circumstances, such as: "NoAppointments-Provider Sick", "Temporary Hold Clinic is undergoing plumbing maintenance" etc